Avalanche 2022 Header.png

May 6 - 28, 2022

by Cara Beth Heath
directed by Bec Willett

Kris Lantzy
Omar Vega, Jr.
Cayla Jones
Peter Ferneding
Owen Hickle-Edwards
Gabriela Diaz
Grant Brown
Alexander Utz

The famous mobster Machine Gun Kelly died in Leavenworth Prison after a life of crime, but how did he get there? Without his wife Kathryn, he never even would have had that machine gun. Without his wife Kathryn, he wouldn't have needed one. Without his wife Kathryn, he never would have been a criminal in the first place... unless you count the rum running. Kathryn doesn't like to lose, and she'll risk everything to keep what she's worked for.

This play takes us back to the Prohibition Era to confront love and law in a time when our country attempted to regulate morality and got a little lost in the process.

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