the biannual

A twice-yearly literary journal of new plays.

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Issue Five: Fall 2021

Marjorie Muller, WasteHouse
Jasmine Sharma, Radial Gradient

Paul Michael Thomson, Artemis Books and the Well-Meaning Man

Plus, notes and insights from the playwrights on how the plays came to be, what their inspirations were, and how they envision their scripts coming to life.


Issue Four: Spring 2021

A.A. Brenner, Damocles

A.J. Ditty, All Things Considered, It Was Probably the Most Productive Meeting The Escondido Unified School District PTA Ever Had

Jasmine Sharma, Gut Punch

Plus, playwrights and theatre makers answer the question "Where does theatre go from here?"

Issue Three.png

Issue Three: Fall 2020

Konner Wilson, When It Comes We Can Worry Then

Robert Alexander Wray, Melancholy Echo

Plus, an interview with Madelyn Sergel, Resident Ensemble Playwright with Three Brothers Theatre.

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Issue Two: Spring 2020

Amy Crider, Metadata

Madison Fargo, Curtain Speech

Brynne Frauenhoffer, Sh*tty Christians (Or, Turn to Romans 3:23)

Keyanna Khatiblou, 2020: a going away party play

Matthew McLachlan, Orion

Marjorie Muller, Regular

Renee Schilling, Kafka in an Above-Ground Pool

Madelyn Sergel, Spin

Plus, an interview with Iris Sowlat, Chicago-based director and founder/producer of the Violet Surprise festival

Issue One: Fall 2019

Sharai Bohannon, Craigslisted

Michael Dalberg, So Far

Terilyn Elise Eisenhauer, Crazed Girls

Cara Beth Heath, Outlaws

Zack Peercy, Kubrickian

Matt Schutz, With the Weight of Her Fate on Her Shoulders

Alexander Utz, Generation Red

Christopher Vanderark, Mavis (or; The Voyeur's Comedy)

Plus, an interview with Bec Willett, Artistic Director of

Bower Theatre Ensemble

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