H A R K !,

by Alexander Utz


Elise Soeder

Owen Hickle-Edwards

Felix Abidor

Gabby Diaz

Anthony Bunnell

Rae Hamilton-Vargo

Michael Dalberg

Molly Mermelstein

Angela Rak

A one-of-a-kind virtual, interactive choose-your-own-adventure play.

Tune in to have a say in what happens next in this fun and unique journey!

Episode 1: May 28 at 7:30pm CT

Episode 2: June 18 at 7:30pm CT

Episode 3: July 9 at 7:30pm CT

H A R K ! ,.png

Artemis Books

and the

Well-Meaning Man

by Paul Michael Thomson

directed by Brittney Brown

COVID-19 Update:

This production has been postponed until Fall 2020.

More information to follow.



Regina (Reggie) runs a femme-centric feminist bookstore in Tucson, AZ. Artemis Books is a safe space for queer people, free expression, and womxn of all kinds. When her boss unexpectedly jumps ship, Reggie is stuck with a new-hire: straight, white, cisgender JJ. Workplace romances, existential anxieties, and some questionable spell casting abound as Reggie tries to reclaim her safe space. Does identity have to influence ideology? Does colonialism ever stop? And what in the actual hell is a “good guy”?

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