Ophelia in Space


by Evey Reidy

in collaboration with David Stobbe and Gabriela Diaz

and the Cliff Dwellers' Artist-in-Residence program.

October 20, 2022

The Cliff Dwellers



Gabriela Diaz              as O

David Stobbe                as H


A dead girl from Denmark is enjoying a quiet afterlife in space -- lounging on the lunar landscape, reading Virginia Woolf, and just generally decompressing after a confusing end. Then her ex shows up. 
You know the story: he's a melancholy Danish prince, she's... Well, nobody is quite sure what her whole deal is. But they've got a whole afterlife to figure it out. 
Ophelia In Space is the next chapter in a familiar story, exploring love, loss, and the things we leave behind. 
This theater-in-the-round performance features Gabriela Diaz and Cliff Dwellers Artist-in-Residence David Stobbe in the leading roles. The playwright, Evey Reidy, is currently earning her PhD in English and Creative Writing co-sponsored by the University of Roehampton and Shakespeare’s Globe (London, England).