Avalanche Theatre presents Cornucopia! a virtual 24-hour play festival. Featuring 6 new short plays based on titles chosen by our Avalanche audience!


A group of 18 artists created these plays from November 13 - 14, 2020. The plays were written, cast, rehearsed, and performed all within 24 hours! Don't miss this fun and exciting array of short plays! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how this all came together in such a short amount of time. Learn about a brief history of Bigfoot, why lakes are great, why not to touch that pile of leaves, and why we promise the Untitled Play is really good, plus more!


The Actors:

Gabriela Diaz

Rae Hamilton-Vargo

Billy Jones

Molly Mermelstein

Elise Soeder

LaRose Washington


The Directors:

Brittney Brown

Gabriela Diaz

Brett Klaczyk

Claire K. Redfield

Paula Sjogerman

Bec Willett


The Playwrights:

Felix Abidor

Ben Braun

DC Cathro

Owen Hickle-Edwards

Marjorie Muller