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our mission


The mission of Avalanche Theatre is to connect theatre artists with audiences in lasting and meaningful ways, by producing new works of exceptional theatrical and literary merit.


We seek to foster opportunities for the innovative and unconventional voices in today's theatre community, by providing valuable theatre experiences both on the page and the stage.


We look to build a canon of contemporary plays which speak to who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow.

how we're different

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Because our focus is on bringing new plays and contemporary playwrights to the forefront, our approach to the experience of seeing a play is slightly different.

Each script we produce will be printed as a book, and distributed to every audience member who sees the play. That way, every audience member will leave the theatre with a copy, to keep and (hopefully) read.


The idea here is to create more opportunities for the play and the playwright past the first production. We hope that by providing a unique and valuable experience through the printed script, the lifespan of the play will extend past the moment the curtain falls.

Essentially, we want people to not only see new plays, but to read and perform them as well.


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