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A New Play Festival


by Felix Abidor, Alexander Attea, Ben Braun, DC Cathro, Owen Hickle-Edward, Marjorie Muller

Show and Tell_edited_edited.png

November 14, 2020

Performed via Zoom

Avalanche Theatre's (virtual) chaotic, caffeine-fueled 24-hour play festival. 5 brand new 10-minute plays, written and performed all within 24 hours!

Production team:

Felix Abidor^
Ben Braun​
DC Cathro
Owen Hickle-Edwards^
Marjorie Muller
Alexander Attea^

Brittney Brown
Gabriela Diaz^
Brett Klaczyk
Claire K. Redfield
Paula Sjogerman
Bec Willett


Gabriela Diaz^
Rae Hamilton-Vargo
Billy Jones
Molly Mermelstein
Elise Soeder^
LaRose Washington

^ Denotes Avalanche Theatre ensemble member

Featured ensemble members

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