the company

Executive Director

Zoe Sjogerman

Zoe Sjogerman is a producer and actor from Chicago, IL.

She has worked in New York City and Chicago for over 20 years and has been a proud company member with a variety of theatres.

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Bec Willett is an Australian, Chicago-based director, designer, writer and educator. She has worked on projects with an array of Chicago theatre companies including Bower Theatre Ensemble, where she was also the Founding Artistic Director. Bec also directs and designs for film. She has been nominated for Best Director for “Avenge Our Blood”(Broadway in Chicago), is an alumni of Directors Lab West and has served as a critic for

Artist Advocate and
Community Director

Bec Willett

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Literary and Development Director

Owen Hickle-Edwards

Owen Hickle-Edwards is an actor, writer and filmmaker based in Chicago, IL. 


Originally from High Point, North Carolina, he has been involved in the creation and development of various artistic and community projects in the city for nine years, including work

with Runcible Theatre and Bower

Theatre Ensemble.

Artistic Director

Alexander Utz


Alexander Utz is a playwright and actor based in Chicago, IL.


He is a member of the Playwright Residency Program with Three Brothers Theatre, and his plays have been published with Next Stage Press and produced with Bower Theatre Ensemble, The Plagiarists, Otherworld Theatre and more. He is also the Marketing Manager with Chicago's historic Fine Arts Building.

Outreach Director

Cayla Jones

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Cayla Jones believes in theater for social change. Since graduating from Illinois State University in 2019 with a degree in Acting and minor in Women & Gender Studies, she has worked as an Actor/Educator at Catharsis Productions to combat sexual assault and upstander intervention, as well in Black Ensemble Theater's Plays with a Purpose series for young audiences. She has also worked as a Program Manager for Pegasus Theatre Chicago for their Young Playwrights Festival.

the board

Sam Siner

Sam Siner is a college instructor, mobile app developer, and musician from Chicago, IL. 


He loves the arts, and he is an avid theatergoer. He serves as the treasurer on the board of Avalanche Theatre.


Nathaniel Viets-VanLear

Nathaniel is a non-profit manager and youth advocate from the North Side of Chicago.


Nathaniel is most passionate about work with children, youth, and young adults in under-served communities in the city. He values art and music based approaches for learners of all ages, and incorporates these mediums across a myriad of demographics and audiences. Nathaniel is a proponent of the transformative power of theatre.


Winston is a very good boy.


George Bailey

George Bailey, not one to be outdone,​ is also a very good boy.